• About-us

Mission Statement

Our operations are based on the manufacture of pure spice, Herbs, Masalas, Beverages(Pure soya drink), Salts,seasonings and food colours. We aim to lead the market in terms of quality and performance of our products and customer service.

Vision Statement

Jumbo spices is committed to being the ’benchmark company’ for quality products in Africa.

Commitment Statement

Jumbo focuses on ‘value for money’. We aim at providing our customers with premium quality consumer goods at competitive prices while operating in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner. All our processes and procedures are of the highest quality, designed to give results of premium quality. The mechanics and techniques behind our processes and procedures gives zero allowance for error therefore producing high quality products and ensuring quality consistency.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Business in Kenya

Jumbo spices limited signed up, to support and implement the Code of Ethics for Business in Kenya.

The Code of Ethics is an initiative of the business community through Kenya Association of Manufacturers to promote and enhance ethics in the conduct of business in Kenya. The code is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact deriving from the areas of Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption. The Company not only implements this code but also expects business partners to likewise adhere to it and does not replace, but complements, the Company’s Codes of Ethics.

The Code states:

We, the Business Community, recognise that ethical business brings about good business. We are committed to play a proactive role in building a globally competitive and prosperous nation, with a high quality of life, as envisioned in Vision 2030. As good corporate citizens, we commit to treating our stakeholders with respect, to run our businesses with responsibility, to act in compliance with applicable laws, and to be actively involved in corruption prevention. Our commitment to these ethical standards determines our interaction with our stakeholders (that is, our organisations; our shareholders and investors; users of our products and services; our suppliers, contractors and agents; our society; and our state and government) and the environment.

As a company, we aspire to live up to the code and adhere to its requirements, basing our company policies on the code and dedicating resources towards achieving aspirations of the code. We shall strive to ensure that our operations serve to strengthen this code.

As a socially responsible and ethical organization, jumbo commits to:

  • Treating our stakeholders with respect.
  • Run our business responsibly with accountability, integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Act in compliance with applicable laws
  • Be actively involved in the prevention of corruption

It is our intention, as an organization, to live up to the spirit of the Code of Ethics for business in Kenya and conduct our business in an environment that is ethically sound.